Special Package(fee concession) for PAF Wards

For the PAF Wards, the College Board has decided to allocate the following concessions:

  • 15% concession in admission fee.
  • 100% exemption in security fee.
  • 50% concession in tuition fee for all classes.

About Margalla Cadet College Murree

Margalla Cadet College Murree (MCCM) is a unique residential school and college aims at providing quality education with holistic approach for nurturing and grooming the mental and physical abilities of the cadets inspired to derve in the forces .

and other vital spheres of national and international importance. The college also focuses on providing healthy environment that would help produce confident, disciplined of command and leadership.

Therefor, it has adopted a mission statement and its reflection can well be realized if one witness the experience of availing this opportunity.

Mission Statement

To provide a platform for the cadets to explore their potential, nurture their knowledge and skills, elevate their mental and physical abillities, to become an effective and valued citizen serving the forces and other fields.