The following procedure is adopted for conduct of academic activity/exam.

1. All teachers maintain a daily log of the covered syllabus (topics) of the respective subject and classes in teacher's diary

2. The breakdown of the term syllabus for each class and subject is pasted in the beginning of the diary along with teacher;s timetable, duly approved by the V.Principal/Principal.

3. Class teachers of respective classes maintain academic progress register for annotating the following test results and students information.

Fortnightly comprehension test results. (10 minutes test in class)


Fortnightly assimilation test results. (10 minutes test in class) Monthly test results. (30 minutes test in class as per given schedule)

Term test results:

List of week students along with measures taken in remarks column are maintained by the class teachers, in coordination with the subject teachers.

  • All subject teachers provide monthly test results to class teachers, who annotate these results in consolidated result sheet of that class and submit it to Principal at end of monthly test.
  • All subject teachers submit question papers on standard format/board pattern.
  • All subject teachers mark the answer sheets of term test meticulously and show the answer sheets to students in class (Discuss the paper
  • Controller examination is to recheck the result award lists, and get the DMC'sfilled by respective teachers / houses masters, and submit to Principal for signatures.
  • Controller examination is responsible for keeping record of the term tests.
  • Vice principal (VP) prepares a weekly home work schedule for all subjects and classes and provides it to teachers for implementation accordingly to avoid un-necessary burden on students.

About Margalla Cadet College Murree

Margalla Cadet College Murree (MCCM) is a unique residential school and college aims at providing quality education with holistic approach for nurturing and grooming the mental and physical abilities of the cadets inspired to derve in the forces .

and other vital spheres of national and international importance. The college also focuses on providing healthy environment that would help produce confident, disciplined of command and leadership.

Therefor, it has adopted a mission statement and its reflection can well be realized if one witness the experience of availing this opportunity.

Mission Statement

To provide a platform for the cadets to explore their potential, nurture their knowledge and skills, elevate their mental and physical abillities, to become an effective and valued citizen serving the forces and other fields.