College Rules and regulation
Payment of Dues
The payment is to be made on four monthly basis through a Bank Draft/ Pay order or in cash in favour of Margalla Cadet College, Murree.
Fees once paid are not refundable in any case.
The Principal may review/increase the fees from time to time to cater the gap created by inflation.
If a cadet is terminated due to violation of rules and regulations, the fees will not be refundable.
If the due date is over, a late fee Rs. 100/- per day will be charged.
The college management does not take any responsibility fi the cadet is unable to adjust and quilts due to his personal aptitude.
  Prohibited Items
Gold chains, rings, bracelets, costly wrist watches and mobiles phone atc.
Any type of video/audio system or any other electric aplicances.
Money other than authorized pocket money.
Cheating , lying, stealing, use of abuse language and immoral conduct/aptitude.
leaving the college (bunk) without prior permission of the housemaster and breaking bounds.
Absence from the dormotories/house after lights out.
Possessing undesirable literature
Willfully and deliberately damaging the college property.
Keeping firearms or knives of large size etc.
Rude bevabior with staff and seniors.
Rude behavior of cadet's parents/guardeans towards staff.
Being habitually absent from class or any other activity mentioned in the daily routine without proper permission.
Being habitually irregular and untidy.
Constant poor performance in acdemics.
Non. Payment of dues/ charges.
Breach of other college rules
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